he sixth edition of the International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems (PAIS’24) will be held on April 24-25 at El Oued University, Algeria. PAIS’24 serves as a dynamic forum, showcasing cutting-edge design methodologies, advanced techniques, and experimental breakthroughs in the rapidly growing landscape of emerging computer science technologies. With an enriched focus on pivotal topics such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, data mining, cloud computing, data science, cyber security, and more, the conference promises to be a hub for the latest developments and insights in these transformative fields. The technical program of the conference includes main sessions, regular technical discussions, and special events geared to various groups of participants, such as PhD students, entrepreneurs and industrials.

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Track 1 : Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences

Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks
Machine learning
Deep learning
Reinforcement Learning
Agents and Multi-agent Systems
Computer Vision
Algorithmic Game Theory
Large scale Machine Learning
AI-optimized Hardware
Decision Management
Fuzzy Logic
Expert Systems
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Computational Optimization
Sentiment Analysis

Track 2 : Ambient Intelligence

Smart Cities
Smart Grids and Energy Networks
Sensing and Sensor Networks
Ambient Assisted Living
Smart Healthcare
Intelligent Transportation
Affective computing
Agents and Multi-agent Systems
Context-aware pervasive systems
Human-Computer Interaction
Computer Vision
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Video Analysis
Medical Diagnosis
Segmentation Techniques
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Pattern Recognition
Image Processing and Artificial Vision Application
Pattern Recognition: Fuzzy Clustering and Classifiers
Fuzzy Image, Speech and Signal Processing
Vision and Multimedia

Track 3 : Technology Trends

Big Data
Deep learning
Data Analytics
Digital Transformation
Social Computing
Cloud Computing
Grid Computing
Quantum Computing
High-Performance Computing
Distributed and parallel systems
Cognitive Computing
Embedded Computing
Scalable Computing
Human-centered Computing
Mobile computing
Distributed Testing
Test Software
Fault-Tolerant Control
Adaptive Control
Control Applications
Control Design Methods
Control Theory
Discrete Event Systems
Intelligent Control
Predictive Control
Process Control

Track 4. Networks and Security

Access control and authorization
Application security
Attacks and defenses
Blockchain technologies
Censorship resistance
Cloud security
Distributed systems security
Economics of security and privacy
Embedded systems security
Hardware security
Intrusion detection and prevention
Malware and unwanted software
Mobile and Web security and privacy
Language-based security
Network and systems security
Privacy technologies and mechanisms
Protocol security
Secure information flow
Security and privacy for the Internet of Things
Security and privacy metrics
Security and privacy policies
Security architectures
Usable Security and privacy

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  • Feb 29 2024

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