国际生物物理大会是国际纯粹与应用生物物理联合会举办的系列学术大会,每3年举办一次。会议通过大会特邀报告、专题邀请报告、口头报告和学术墙报等形式,充分展示和交流当今世界生物物理领域最新的科研进展和学术成果,为全球从事生物物理科学研究的科技同仁提供面对面的学术交流平台,是国际生物物理领域最高级别的学术盛会。 大会将分21个专题进行学术交流: Symposium 1: The Biophysics of the Immune Response Symposium 2: Mechanoenzymes Symposium 3: Membrane Protein Structure: Freed from the Lattice Symposium 4: Putting the Move on Myosin Symposium 5: Driving Forces in Macromolecular Binding Symposium 6: EGF Receptor Signaling and Networks Symposium 7: Translation and the Translocon Symposium 8: Imaging and Controlling Cellular Dynamics in vivo Using Light Symposium 9: RNA in Action Symposium 10: Ca++ Signaling: From the Plasma Membrane to the Nucleus Symposium 11: Collective Motor Dynamics in Cell Division Symposium 12: Non-conducting Functions of Ion Channels Symposium 13: Voltage-dependent Proton Channels Come of Age Symposium 14: Mechanisms of Exo- and Endocytosis Symposium 15: Awards Symposium/IUPAB Lecture Symposium 16: New and Notable Symposium 17: From Protein Crystals to Amyloid Fibrils: Condensed Colloidal Phases in Biology Symposium 18: Damaged Proteins – Structural and Biological Consequences Symposium 19: Allostery and Dynamics in Protein Function Symposium 20: ABC Transporters: Molecular Structures and Mechanisms Symposium 21: Nucleic Acid-based Motors 此外, 还将有:Workshop 1 :Modeling the Membrane Workshop 2 :Single Molecule Biophysics Workshop 3 :Structural Genomics

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