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The convergence of current technologies provides the infrastructure for transmitting and storing information faster and cheaper. For information to be used in gaining knowledge, however, environments for collecting, storing, disseminating, sharing and constructing knowledge are needed. Such environments, knowledge media, brings together the telecommunication, computer and networking technologies, learning theories and cognitive sciences to form meaningful environments that provides for a variety of learner needs. The World Wide Web is one such technology that provides access to valuable educational resources such as e-mail, e-groups, bulletin board services, audio conferencing, video conferencing, e-journals, search engines and databases. ITHET 2013 will have a special theme as well as all the traditional themes of previous events. This year we want to explore both the opportunities and the challenges of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). The university world is abuzz with this phenomenon which has come to visit all of us. Will they change the university business model forever? Will they eventually revolutionize university education as information technology has promised to do for many years? Will they threaten our jobs, or will they help us to ensure that our students really do “get it”? We want to explore all of this at this year’s ITHET. Please join us. (For some background just put MOOCS into your search engine.)
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The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to: Massive Open Online Courses WWW education tools Asynchronous learning Multimedia tutorials Distance leaning Intelligent training technology Blended learning Authoring technology Virtua
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