We are happy to announce that Karen Bartleson (2017 IEEE President) and Margaretha Eriksson (IEEE R8 Director) are planning to honour the conference.

Objectives: The convergence of current technologies provides the infrastructure for transmitting and storing information faster and cheaper. For information to be used in gaining knowledge, however, environments for collecting, storing, disseminating, sharing and constructing knowledge are needed. Such environments, knowledge media, brings together telecommunication, computer and networking technologies, learning theories and cognitive sciences to form meaningful environments that provides for a variety of learner needs. 
ITHET 2017 will continue with the traditional themes of previous events. However, our special theme for this year is a fundamental one. We seldom talk about MOOCs any more. They are part of the infrastructure. Even “Blended Learning” is what we all do anyway. What we would like to talk about this year is the fundamental purpose of our educational system. Technology has placed knowledge everywhere. "Just Google it". What we are really on about is what makes capable "can do" graduates for modern society. Not just what they know. This is the challenge of education in the technology fields. 
Our special theme for 2017 is how we can utilize IT to help students articulate what they know into what they can do. Please join us.

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Submission Topics

  • Massive Open Online Courses

  • WWW education tools

  • Asynchronous learning

  • Multimedia tutorials

  • Distance leaning

  • Intelligent training technology

  • Blended learning

  • Authoring technology

  • Virtual student laboratories

  • Second language education

  • Virtual classroom, virtual universities

  • Industry-university partnership

  • Creating courses on-line

  • Learning and Assessment

  • Network based education and training

  • Accreditation issues

  • New strategies for higher education and training

  • Role of information society and global communication systems

  • Development and use of IT Tools and Environments

  • Quality management in higher education

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    Jul 10



    Jul 12


  • Apr 07 2016

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Apr 28 2016

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • May 26 2016

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