From mobile devices, iWatch, wristbands, and Google glass to the latest in sports, digital healthcare, and clinical diagnostics, wearable technology is one of the most prolific areas of innovation. Now, both businesses and consumers have increasingly vast mobile capabilities at their fingertips. And wearable technology can be integrated with other technologies to improve learning objectives, since students have quick and easy access to information. Wearable technology can also connect students in new ways by providing mobility for just about any classroom environment. The 12th Learning and Technology (L&T) Conference, which is one of the first forums for wearable technology to emerge in the region, surveys cutting-edge research on wearable technology and mobile learning. It provides a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to explore the future of this billion-dollar industry. Among the many topics addressed are the significant innovations and challenges ahead, as well as what can be expected in future permutations of wearable technology. This year’s conference will feature keynote presentations, intensive workshops, and provocative paper-presentation panels covering the latest in on-body and worn mobile technologies. Expect to come away feeling better prepared to embrace the rising culture of wearable technology.

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Conference Topics Enhanced Creativity in Education via Wearable Technology. Augmented Reality Applications. Smart Interfaces Worn on the Body. Human Factors and Ergonomics. Case Studies of Teaching and Learning using Wearable Technology. Software Design Development for Wearable Technology Usability Challenges in Social Networks
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  • Apr 13 2015

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