ASMC continues to provide semiconductor professionals with an unparalled opportunity to network and learn the latest information in the practical application of advanced manufacturing strategies and methodologies. ASMC 2016 features technical sessions highlighting strategic manufacturing issues, as well as insightful keynotes, provocative panel discussion, and an informative tutorial.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Session1  Contamination Free Manufacturing (CFM)
Session 2  Advanced  Metrology
Session 3  Defect Inspection 
Session 4  Factory Optimization
Session 5  Poster Session 
Session 6  Defect Inspection II
Session 7  Advanced Equipment and Materials Processes
Session 8  Yield Enhancement/Yield Learnin
Session 9  Advanced Equipment / CFM
Session 10  Advanced Patterning
Session 11  Advanced Process Control (APC)  
Session 12  Advanced Metrology
Session 13  Factory Optimization
Session 14  Yield Enhancement
Session 15  3D/TSV

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