IEEE Spoken Language Technology (SLT) Workshop series try to promote the progress made on the different field of the spoken language technologies and their impact in the human life. The SLT 2016 will be held at San Juan in Puerto Rico (US territory) on December 13-16. San Juan is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and presents an amazing location in terms of access and tourism.

The theme for SLT 2016 will be “Machine learning from signal to concepts”. The SLT 2016 workshop will be partnering with National Institute of Standards Technology workshops on speaker and language recognition that will happen just before the SLT 2016 workshop.

Call for paper


Submission Topics

Submission of papers is desired on a large variety of areas of spoken language technology, with emphasis on the following topics on previous workshops:

  • Speech recognition and synthesis

  • Spoken language understanding

  • Spoken document retrieval

  • Question answering from speech

  • Assistive technologies

  • Natural language processing

  • Educational and healthcare applications

  • Human/computer interaction

  • Spoken dialog systems

  • Speech data mining

  • Spoken document summarization

  • Spoken language databases

  • Speaker/language recognition

  • Multimodal processing

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