WEMDCD has now set the tradition of an international workshop where up-to-date research activities in electrical machines and drives are presented. A key characteristic of previous WEMDCD conferences has been an increasingly strong industrial participation, which allows for enhanced exchanges between academia and industry. WEMDCD 2019 organized in the National Technical University of Athens will offer excellent opportunities for participants to share knowledge and experience enhancing the cross-fertilization of new ideas and developments in this field.

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We invite you to come to Athens, to explore and enjoy a truly remarkable, hospitable city. Athens - a splendid city that offers an excellent environment to the meeting and exchanging of ideas at the unique, international event of WEMDCD 2019.

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Following the success of the previous three Workshops on Electrical Machines Design, Control and Diagnosis (WEMDCD) in Paris (2013), Torino (2015) and Nottingham (2017), the National Technical University of Athens is proud to be hosting WEMDCD 2019 in Athens, Greece. The aim of WEMDCD 2019 is to give an insight into emerging new techniques related to electrical machines design, control and diagnosis.

Industrial electrical machines remain a key component for modern systems using, producing or transforming electricity. Nowadays, they are associated with innovation and a major focus of both industry and academia, for modern applications, is exploring potential to save energy and/or to reduce pollution.

Submission Topics

WEMDCD 2019 will include a significant number of invited contributions from researchers working in academia and in R&D in the industry sector. These will include papers related, but not limited, to the following topics, with special focus on Industrial and Transport Applications:

Electrical Machines Design and Modeling: Switched Reluctance Machines, Induction Machines, Permanent Magnet, Synchronous Machines, High Speed Machines, Synchronous Reluctance Machines, Linear Machines, Fractional Slot Machines, Universal Motors, Actuators, Wound-Field Synchronous Generators, Permanent Magnet Generators.

Electrical Drives and their Control: Advanced Control Techniques, Vector Control, Direct Torque Control, Sensor-less Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives.

Machines and Drives Diagnosis and Prognosis: Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Diagnosis, Diagnosis of Rolling Elements, Bearings Faults, Diagnosis of Rotor Faults, Diagnosis of Eccentricity, Diagnostic Techniques in Non-Stationary Conditions, Power Supply Failures, Diagnosis of Stator Faults, Fault Diagnosis by Space Vector Analysis, Monitoring of Insulation Systems, Life-time Prediction Methods of Machines and Drives.

Industrial and Transport Applications of Machines and Drives: Multiphase Machines, Fault-Tolerant Permanent Magnet Machines, Fault-Tolerant Induction Machines, Sensor-less Induction Machine Drives, Sensor-less Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives.


Regular Papers

Please submit provisional versions of full papers in English using the following guideline: Maximum of 6 pages, including paper title, authors and affiliations, figures and references, and be a maximum size of 2MB. Authors are requested to prepare the manuscripts in the IEEE two column format, using the template available in the WEMDCD website and to translate it into a PDF using the IEEE PDF eXpress facility.

All submissions should be electronic form. Instructions will be posted in due to course at

Key Dates:

  • Submission of papers opens: 16 September 2018
  • Submission of papers closes: 31 December 2018
  • Notification of acceptance:  15 February 2019
  • Deadline for uploading final full papers and conference forms: 22 March 2019
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