The International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems provides a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing research results, and presenting practical applications in the areas of design, test, and diagnosis of electronic circuits and systems. The DDECS Symposium series has been organized by these European countries: Hungary (2001, 2005, 2018), Austria (2010), Germany (2011,2017), Estonia (2012), Czech Republic (1997, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2013), Poland (1998, 2003, 2007, 2014), Serbia (2015) and Slovakia (2000, 2004, 2008, 2016).

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Topics of submission

DDECS’19 covers the areas of design and testing of electronic components, both digital and analog. The topics include the following but are not limited to:
SoC and NoC Design and Test
Built-in Self-Test and Self-Repair
Bio-Inspired Hardware
Design Verification/Validation
Formal Methods in System Design
Hardware/Software Co-Design
IP-based Design
Logic Synthesis
Modeling, circuit design and test for emerging technologies-based data storage/memory
Modeling, circuit design and test for emerging technologies-based computation structures
Defect/Fault Tolerance and Reliability
Design and Test in Nano-Technologies
Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF Design and Test
ATE Hardware and Software
Design for Testability and Diagnosis
Embedded Systems
Dependable HW / SW Systems
On-line Testing
Memory, Processor Testing
MEMS Testing
Physical Design
Cyber Physical Systems
Industry 4.0
Embedded Machine Learning
Self-Aware Systems Design and Test
Unconventional Computing Paradigms
Emerging technologies-based logic design, test and reliability
Internet-of-Things Design and Test
Case Studies and Applications
Functional Safety
Reliability testing
Hardware Security and Trust
Security Primitives
Hardware Trojans
Fault and Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures
Hardware Security and Emerging Technologies


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    24 Apr.



    26 Apr.


  • 14 Jan.


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