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Domain Adaptive Sparse Transformer for Aeroengine Bevel Gear Fault DiagnosisFinal Paper

Yasong Li, Zheng Zhou, Chuang Sun, 如强 严*, Xuefeng Chen

#AI Applications in Engineering

Robust Supervised Contrastive Learning for Fault Diagnosis Under Different Noises and ConditionsFinal Paper

Chenye Hu, Jingyao Wu, Chuang Sun, 如强 严*, Xuefeng Chen

#AI Applications in Engineering

A fault diagnosis method for mechanical rotating components based on automatic learning of pseudo labelsFinal Paper

Shuangyan Yin, Jingli Yang*, Cheng Yang

#AI Applications in Engineering

The Study of Partial Discharge Localization in Transformer Oil Based on Coupling Optical Fiber Ultrasonic SensorFinal Paper

Penghui Yang, Yiying Liu*

Special Session > SS3 - Advanced Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnosis in Smart Grid

Research on Feature Selection of Human Physical Activity Recognition for IOT Wearable DevicesFinal Paper

Hongjie Yu, Lingfei Mo*

#Data Processing Techniques

Denoising Fused Wavelets Net for Aeroengine Bevel Gear Fault DiagnosisFinal Paper

Zuogang Shang, Zhibin Zhao, Zheng Zhou, Chuang Sun, 孙 瑜, 如强 严*

#AI Applications in Engineering

Icing Dataset of Overhead Power Transmission Lines for China Southern Power GridFinal Paper

Jianrong Wu, Yi Wen, Huan Huang, Jinqiang He, Xinyuan Wang*, Yongli Liao, Ruihai Li

Special Session > SS3 - Advanced Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnosis in Smart Grid

An Outlier-Robust GNSS-inertial-LiDAR OdometryFinal Paper

Siwei Zhong, Chao Wei*, Jibin Hu, Ting Zhang, Jie Yu, YongDan Chen

Special Session > SS8 - Machine Learning for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Dispersion compensation strategy based on sparse Bayesian learning in terahertz nondestructive evaluationFinal Paper

Yafei Xu, Xingyu Wang, Xiangdong Fang, Liuyang Zhang*, Ruqiang Yan, Xuefeng Chen

Special Session > SS2 - NDT&E and Intelligent Inspection System

Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-ion Battery Based on Cycle-consistency LearningFinal Paper

Fujin Wang, Zhibin Zhao, Zhi Zhai*, Shibin Wang, Baoqing Ding, Xuefeng Chen

#AI Applications in Engineering

Interturn Short Circuit Fault Diagnosis of Brushless DC Motor Based on Image Feature Extraction and Transfer LearningFinal Paper

Jiliang Wang, Hui Wang*, Siliang Lu, Haidong Shao

#Data Processing Techniques

BEN: Brightness Enhancement Network for Low- Light Image Enhancement in Complex EnvironmentFinal Paper

Qieshi Zhang*, Ziliang Ren, Cheng Jun, Shuai Yuan, Mingsong Chen, ZuWei OuYang

Special Session > SS7 - Data-driven Engineering Practices in The Fields of Energy, Environment, and Biomedicine

Vertical vehicle bridge coupling dynamic response analysis of medium and low speed maglev train based on flexible beamFinal Paper

Chen Chen, Junqi Xu, Guobin Lin*, Yougang Sun

Special Session > SS1 - Intelligent Condition Monitoring, System Control & Data analytics for Linear Drives and MAGLEV Systems

Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on CNN with attention mechanism and dynamic learning rateFinal Paper

Jimeng Li, Qingyu Zhang*, Hao Wu, Wanmeng Ding, Jinxin Tao, Jinfeng Zhang

#AI Applications in Engineering

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