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Organizing the International Radar Symposium 2016 (IRS 2016), the Hamburg-Harburg Technical University (TUHH), AGH University of Science and Technology Department of Electronics and the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) continue a very successful sequence of Radar Symposia, which started in 1998 in Munich, Germany.

Due to the rapid development of technologies, radar technique is still an expanding technical and economical segment with practical applications both in civil and military areas. The worldwide family of radar researchers and experts is quite small and everyone from the radar family is cordially invited to attend the International Radar Symposium 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

  • Sensors, Detectors & Vehicular Radars

  • Radar Technology

  • Radar Polarimetry & Signatures

  • Tracking and Data Fusion

  • Computer Modeling

  • Environment Sensing & Modeling

  • Security

  • Space Technology & Remote Sensing

  • Multistatic Systems - Active, PCL, DOA

  • Radar imaging - SAR, ISAR

  • Noise, MIMO, Ultrawideband Radars

  • Radar Systems & Radar Aplications

  • Radar Signal Processing

  • Focused Session: Forward Scattering Radar

  • Focused Session: Terahertz Radar

  • Focused Session: Over The Horizon Radar

  • Focused Session: Noise Radar

  • Focused Session: Compressed Sensing

  • Focused Session: Maritime Radar

  • Focused Session: Passive ISAR

  • Focused Session: Radar Resource Management

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  • Conference Date

    May 10



    May 12


  • May 12 2016

    Registration deadline

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