AboutComponents, Circuits, Devices and Systems; Power, Energy and Industry Applications
Keywords:power devices,power device technology,high voltage power devices,low voltage power devices,power IC device technology,power IC design,GaN power devices and technology,GaN power ICs,SiC power devices and technology,module and package technology for power devices,
Scope:ISPSD is the premier forum for technical discussions in all areas of power semiconductor devices and power integrated circuits. It covers the following topics: Devices: Device Physics, Device Design, High Frequency Devices, High Power Devices, Smart Power Devices, Safe-Operating Area, Reliability, ESD Processes: Process Integration, Lifetime Control, Passivation, Crystal Growth, III-V (hetero)-epitaxial growth Modeling/Simulation: Device and Circuit Simulation, Layout, Verification Tools Materials: Si, GaAs, SiC, GaN, Ga2O3, Diamond Power ICs: Isolation Techniques, SOI, Circuit Design, Device Technology, Energy Capability and SOA, Reliability, ESD, Power SoC, Monolithic vs Hybrid Packaging: Novel Packaging Concepts, Power SiP, Stress and Thermal Analysis, Thermal Management Applications: Hybrid Vehicles, Power Supplies, Computer and Telecom Power, Motor Drives, Utility, IoT
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General Chair
Nando Kaminski, University of Bremen, Germany

Technical Program Committee Chair
Ulrike Grossner, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Past General Chair
Kevin Chen, HKUST, Hong Kong

Past Technical Program Committee Chair
Tom Tsai, TSMC, Taiwan

Vice General Chair
Ichiro Omura, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Vice Technical Program Committee Chair
Yuichi Onozawa, Fuji Electric, Japan

Short Course Chair
Florin Udrea, University of Cambridge, UK

Conference Arrangement Chair
Pavla Hlinkova, GUARANT International, Czech Republic

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European Center for Power Electronics - ECPE
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